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Yuki is a technologically advanced online accounting platform that enables accountants to perform their work faster and more efficiently. As a result, they have valuable time left for the essential side of their work, to immerse themselves in their customers' business and to support them with tailor-made advice. Thanks to Yuki, accountants are able to perform their profession better across the board. In addition, with this promise we also emphasise the intelligent nature of Yuki as an online accounting platform. 


As a visual identity, we create a colourful world of the tools that accountants use, such as the tables, graphs and charts and their bright colours.

Identity I website I outdoor I promotion material I video animations 

Agency: ARA
Design: Rob Jacobs

Yuki -2.png
Yuki - =.png
billboard-Yuki_2 2.jpg
billboard-Yuki_3 2.jpg
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