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VSM is the leading homeopathic pharmacist of the Netherlands. We illustrated their 'power by nature' theme in print as well as outdoors, using herbal ingredients as fireworks to kick of the New Year.

Agency: Roorda

Client: VSM

🏆 2014 - ADCN Finalist Outdoor

VSM A3 Vuurwerk_Gezond Nieuwjaar_tekstkleiner3.jpg
VSM A3 Vuurwerk_Gezond Nieuwjaar_tekstkleiner2.jpg
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Having a cold is quite annoying. But sometimes even more annoying for your partner, or colleague. Fortunately there' Kaloba from VSM. The herbal medicine that gets rid off your cold. In a humorous way, we show in the TV campaign that Kaloba understands how annoying (someone else's) common cold can be. And that the solution is - fortunately - within reach.

Television | print | bannering


Director: Rene Nuijens
Agency: Roorda

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