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for art and concept that is
out of this world

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Welcome to Sjoerdistan, a place where art and concept are out of this world.

When you arrive at Visionary Valley your creative advertising journey begins …

You start on a path to the Mountains of the Pledge where you navigate to a lookout point, where a strategic horizon comes into the sight.


Further on along the trail you find yourself at the isles of insights where a festive exploration of discovery unfolds. 

It is here where you enter the Jungle of Wild Ideas with Sjoerd Verbrugge as guide. 

This is the part of the expedition where the big idea reveals itself. 

Welcome! Or, as we say in Sjoerdistan:
‘Chi bhiath lothi enn an Sjoerdistan

a-riomh a ’tòiseuchodh ro tjràth!

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Where Great ideas landBalloon 2022.png

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